What??  WHY in world would someone buy a Palm Pre now given that the company will soon be sold, they are GIVING the bloody things away and basically (unless HTC buys and it decides to support it), its a dead OS?

The Kyrocera 6035. The Pre Palm Pre

Well, unlike buying a window 6.5 phone (unless you hope to load android on it one day) I think the palm pre would be a cool collectors item IF you have the Palm I, Kyocera 6035 and perhaps a Palm V.   Its like Pokémon, you gotta ‘collect’ them all.

BTW, if you have never heard of the Kyocera 6035, this was the first really well designed smart phone.  The integration was pretty good, the OS was based on the palm V and running on Verizon, it worked as a great phone!  Sure the internet connection was slow, but back then it was that or nothing.

As much as the iPhone ‘changed everything’ the Palm OS was the first ‘real’ smartphone experience for many of us. And although the network was too slow (and integration of they digital life had not happened yet) I still view Palm as where it all started.  And now with the WebOS phones looking like the end of line, I’m going to hit up craiglists.. and collect them all.

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