Well, technically it was the second day, but what fun is that given that Sunday was Easter?  So we have a proof of concept break out there using ‘Spirit’ by a hack0r called MuscleNerd.

Spirit iPad jailbreak via MuscleNerd

The video shows him getting to root and running a few command, some he placed within the OS himself.  Now this is clearly not ready for release and more testing needs to be done, but basically it shows the 3.2 was just that, a sub update, not OS4 which I expect will have significant root changes. But as I said in a previous post, I really do not think Apple is trying an hard as it could to block the jailbreaks if for nothing else then its free research into what can be done.  Some of the coolest applications for the iPhone started out as a jailbreak app in some form.  3D games, virtual musical instruments, VoIP, Video, we had that waaaayyy back in the day.

So we should see a formal jailbreak for the ipad 3.2 ready for distribution in a week or so. Perhaps less. Once this bad boy is jailbroken, what other cooless will we see??

Till then, enjoy the vid of the iPad at ~root below.

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