I just saw a video of the new Opera Mini running on the iPhone!  I cannot wait!!!  This is the first app for the iphone, including jailbroken ones, that really has me excited.  It was submitted today, so we’ll see if Apple will allow it and when.

Surfing on the iphone has been a major drag since day one.  No page memory, having to reload every time I leave the browser or if I have too many windows open, or just plain short on memory.  From the demo I saw, almost every issue I have with iphone web browsing (with exception to not having flash) seems to have been answered.

Now given the coolness of using this on the iphone, image it on the iPad!  With the grid like mini explorer of saved pages, the popup controls at the bottom, the memory management so that you do have to reload??  This will be the experience we are expecting on the iPad that I already know the current iphone  OS just cannot provide.  Check out the two videos below.  Magic!!

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