I’ve been using tablets for years.. Years!  So when the Kindle first came out, my first reaction was, meh.  Partly because of the price point, and partly because I knew that something that focused on text and ignored rich media was simply too one dimensional of a device.  I have friends that have kindles, and they like them well enough because, well, unless you have a netTablet (which does not exist yet) then that’s you best choice.

But just because that is your only choice does not mean its your only choice forever..  And thus onto the scene comes the iPad, various Android devices and (perhaps) the MS courier. So a new report from ChangeWave comes out saying less then 50% of the people who bought an ereader would have bought that same ereader again if the iPad was available. No kidding. The graph from this report is at the end of this post.

However, I don’t think the iPad is going to dig THAT much into the Kindle and other ereaders mostly because the iPad is too big for easy transport and its display is not optimal for long reading stretches.  So who will come out with a netTablet the size of a kindle?  I don’t know, although it looks like the courier is gunning for that position.

As for me, I’m fine with reading on the iphone for now.  But, if the iPad v1 drops in price as many people think it will, AND the v2 will have much of what is missing on this version, I/O, camera, headphone socket, then done deal, I will be an iPad owner.. unless something cooler at the same price is out by then. 😉

From ChangeResource 2010

3 comments on “Most Kindle users would rather have an iPad

  • Kindle is made for books, iPad is not. Backlighting and shitty battery life make it a no brainer NO for ebook reading. I suspect the graph above looks as such, due to the fact they were presented with the iPad as a viable alternative to the Kindle, or other ebook readers – which it is not. Give those people a week with the iPad and their ebooks, then take a poll – that is useful info.

  • I agree to some extent, of nothing else then just the size of the unit. Although the battery life should be good enough for most people. My bet is another device will be created that will be a cross between the pads and ereaders. This device will have the size of an ereader (and near readability) and still have the functionality of an OS device. But the future of pure single function ereaders to dead as far as I can see.

  • I'm getting the Notion Ink "Adam", as soon as it's available! I bought a kindle and I regret it. It was like throwing money in the garbage. It's slow, poor pdf support, and too restrictive.
    The Ipad looks great but, lack of a camera, flash, multitasking is a big hurdle for me. Also I travel and read a tremendous amount, so the traditional screen will cause eye-strain for me. Ipad for E-reading = Eye-strain.
    The Notion Ink "Adam has the best of both worlds. Speed processor and video hardware capable of hd video play, a pixel qi screen, looks like an escreen when the backlight is off and a normal screen when it is on, multi touch screen and and an android app store with no restrictions on what you would like to install on a computer you paid for. Did I say that the pixel-qi screen gives you the option to view it like an e- screen? reducing eyestrain and conserving battery life?.

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