On the surface, that’s not too bad, but there are a few issues I have with it..

First off, batteries can lose their life span pretty quickly if you are not careful or if you are unlucky and get one that dies a quick death in a few months.  Heat, and rapid charging and discharging can kill your battery life. There are best practices to keep you battery living as long as possible:

  • Keep it cool!!
  • Keep it fully topped off, or when you do run it on battery for any extended period, run it down. NOT all the way, but close.  And then fully charge it again
  • Keep it away from moisture.
  • And assuming you can adjust the brightness, keep it only as bright as you need it.  Again, keep drain on the battery to a minimum.

Same applies if you jailbreak, keep an eye on how much power you draw.  If you are going to push this bit of hardware, keep it plugged in.

However, these battery care things are common place right?  Here is my issue.  You have to send the iPad and they replace it!  Not a big deal if you do have to replace it?  What if it was a gift?  Did you get it engraved? Somebody sign it?  And when you get the new one, does ALL you data get transferred? If not can we depend on iTunes keeping everything?  And how long do you have to go without the iPad while its shipped, replaced and returned?  You may want to budget shipping in.

There is only a small population that may have these worries, but still, it just bugs me that they could not simply make it replaceable!  Heck, I would bet people would buy extra batteries to extent the iPads life if they are heavy users.

Well, only a few more week to go before we get better answers on this.

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