Now this is useful.  I know full on that when I shoot video with my iphone it’s not always the most stable in the world. And although there are desktop apps I can use to fix it, it would be nice to do that on the phone directly.

Well welcome to Smooth Movie.  I have not tried this myself because I have not made the jump to the iphone3Gs, but based on the sample video’s from the site, its pretty darn good. Not perfect, but for an iPhone, good.  Now this will not fix major jolts or camera darts, but it will smooth out small bumps here and there and it does make it easier on the eye.  I’m actually bummed I cannot get this for the 3G, but I guess the frame is not good enough to work with the smoothing algorithm.

Here is the link to the site, keep in mind the movies that AWHILE to load.  Check out the second video, best example I think.

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