So let me count how many people are surprised by this… Show of hands??   Hmmm just you in the back?  Work for Microsoft?  Yea, ok figured.  Just a quick look around San Francisco and you can see the number of Android phones are starting to make enough of an impression that they are starting to be as common as seeing people mucking around with their iPhones.

Graph from Gizmodo

Yet Apple still wants to stay with AT&T.  Not sure I fully get that, but I have a feeling the next iPhone, not the OS upgrade but the new hardware, will allow users to use other carriers.  But they might have waited too long if this data is any indication. Boy, it would be something if iphone OS4 would allow connecting to T-mobile!!   Ah wishful thinking.

Yes, I know Apple is going to release OS 4, but its not going to move the needle at all, so lets not count that as a mean of stopping this trend.  Palm??  They are fighting for their lives at the moment.  A little sidebar here; whomever approved there first ‘scary girl’ campaign should be fired.  You one shot to make a good impression on the market and boy that was not it. They have now moved to a ‘value’ campaign, but it might be too late.

What about MS mobile 7?  Hard call.  I have been hearing good reviews, and they are always a favorite when it comes to IT departments, but it will be a close call but man, does 6.5 STINK!  First chance I get I’m going to dump windows and load Android on my HTC.

I think we will see this trend for at least the next six month.  Then??  Well, we’ll see wont we as the holidays start.

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