At least, this is coming from the rumor mills. I point to Gizmodo for my source.. But it makes sense to me. Getting flash to work well on your OS is not all that easy, and given how far behind window mobile keeps slipping, I would bet they dropped it (and a few other things) just to try and make the mobile web congress.
But it does bring up point. How does Silverlight play into this? If Apple has taught us anything; its that if you dont want something on your system, then dont put it on. Sure we have all be complaining about the lack of Flash on the iPhone, and now the iPad forever, but its VERY clear it will be a dark day at noon before that happens. So what is to stop MS from doing the same thing and instead push Silverlight? Or its own flavor of HTML5 … ?
Because Microsoft mobile is basically full of FAIL. I have an HTC phone, which has its plus and minuses, but OS 6.5 is so bad, and so unresponsive, that the 2 weeks I tried to use it instead of my iPhone was painful! I’m looking forward to seeing if winMobile 7 will run any better, but I’m skeptical.
Still, Microsoft knows this is basically their last shot and not only do they have to hit it out of the park as far as getting the OS to work well, they NEED to include Flash as another mean of separating themselves from Apple. So will we see Flash on winMobile 7? Yes, in time. And I would expect to see some sort of flavor of siverlight too. When it comes right down to it, they really do not have a choice.

What about Adobe AIR?  Well, I’m just starting to hear about those efforts.  Its suppose to work on Android, win, iphone, et al. But that is another post…

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