I have not had much time for writing and this will be a really quick post, but I fell pretty sure that whatever the Apple slate or iPad will be called, it will not be the iTablet because there is already one.  At CES I saw an iTablet (and I will post the images up tomorrow) already working and branded.  The people at the booth said they already owned the trademark. Now they could have been lying to me, but they had the device and the branding.  Now this device was nothing special, simply a normally webbook running win 7 with touch capabilities. And I expect to see ALOT of these over the year as the Apple device sets the standard for user interaction, and win7 app area created to mimic those UI elements.

The company that makes this device is called AMteK out of Taiwan.  I’m still trying to get a hold of them to confirm the claim that I was told at the show.

{update} Heard from AMteK.  They have iTablet and they say Apples device WILL be called the iSlate, and they are wrong.

I’ve heard iSlate, and I think that could be the name.  I wonder if anyone is taking bets on this?

{Update} Its called the iPad.  I would have lost my bet.

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