Ok, you know the drill.  The top ten (10) android apps.  Not everyone will think these are the best  or greatest Android application, but hey, have to start somewhere. If you have an issue, with my list, let me know.  It normally takes a bit of time and revision before the list settles in.

Starting at No 10

10. TasKiller

This app is basically a task manager for Android. The big win here is not only killing that rouge app, but force clean up of memory when you are about to run that hard core 3D game you just downloaded.

9.  TuneWiki

This cool little app lets you  stream music while showing the lyrics of songs that are played. It also support Youtube, Yahoo music, Last.fm and more. Here is the crazy thing, its translates lyrics! Up to 40+ languages.

8.  Sherpa

Aside from the normal discovery type app that displays surrounding restaurants, retailers and attractions, and reviews and details about each place, it actually learns you tastes over time.  Spin the virtual carousel of attractions, view them on Google maps (with aerial view of buildings), or view them in a list.
7.  chompSMS
I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of hate email, or comments for this, but I just do not like the SMS android app that much, and I’m pretty sure its because I used to the iphone.  So this get on the top 10 because I can have what I’m used to living on my Android. As a sidenote, you can add Mp3 sounds and set it to vibrate.  A nice feature.
6.  Astrid
At first glance Astrid appears to be a basic Task Manager. It is so much more. Astrid is a very easy to use and feature rich task or tracking system designed specifically to make you more productive with minimal fuss.

5. Layar 3.0

Wondering when I would add my augmented reality app?  Here it is.  Layar is like most other discovery AR apps, but this is best so far.  With an API, people can add 3D information over the video scene.  Nice.  I have a feeling Layar will continue to keep the lead, so it makes the top 10

4.  Car Locator

Although there are many other AR apps like Car Locator, I have this as number 10 because its a good example of a simple 1 function AR app. Now can you get the same thing done using a standard map, yes, but most AR app are about cool then uniquely practical.

3. Last.fm Android

This is a bit like Pandora, but instead of matching based on music qualities, it matches based on the songs your friends listen to or the Last.fm population in general. You can skip any song and find out about concert dates, too.

2. Qik – Share Live Video

Provides real time streaming video from your iphone to a web page where anyone can see it. (If you set the permissions as such). Also, if the phone cannot get a connection, it will hold the video till it does. Cool points for being able to see the video on the iphone. More here.

1. Google Voice

Again, I’m SURE I’m sure I will get debate on this, but Google Voice basically extends the phone beyond just a cell phone, beyond just a smart phone.

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