The storm clouds over CES in Las Vegas have been gathering as the Apple, Google, Microsoft and the loosely unified free states prepare for war.  Even though we know Apple will not make their announcement till Jan 26, they will leaks bits and bobs to counter the other slate warriors from having the field TOO much to themselves.  But for those who have dared enter the battlefield that we call #CES, the battle will be epic.

Although there have been talk and rumors of devices here and there, the Archos I wrote about back in Aug, the iPhone-like Android MID , Microsofts Courier, the JooJoo (aka crunchPad) last month, and recently the Camangi are just a few that blown the horn of battle before the war. But now… Its put up or shut up time..

So what is really going to show up?  Hard to say. But I will guess we will see lots of 5″ to 7″ devices running 1 gig snapdragon either a thin Linux or Andriod.  With exception to JooJoo, I will be surprised if I see more then a few.  Should be interesting.

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