Image from TechCrunch

Image from TechCrunch

Image from Engadget

Image from Engadget

Yes, as of 9:30 am PST, we have entered the net tablet war.  And who knew the first battle would be an internal one?  As I’m sure you have already heard, Arrington’s idea of a simple, cheap couch computer, christened the ‘CrunchPad’, now called the JooJoo was shown to the press in SF and via video conference.  I was not there. 🙁  However, I really did not need to be, I watched the comment stream on CNET and heard what I needed to hear.

I did not think, we perhaps with exception to Arrington, that it would be a $200 device.  I was guessing at $550 with $400 as the cheapest once mass production kicks in and I was not that far off from the announced $499.  The specs are as we heard; 12inch screen, usb, stripped down embedded Unix running HTML5.  (I thought it would have been Linux).  The green tint is a camera issue.  I’ll look for a better image later.

Here are more specs from the engadget live blog..

12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, 4GB SSD, accelerometer, “enough graphic power to deliver full HD video.”

So the first victim is the name ‘CrunchPad’, cant imagine they will go forward with it.  And I will also expect this device to end up in someone elses hands since Arrington will not leave these guys alone.. from a legal point of view, although so far, no suits have been pressed forward. (Pun intended).

So, civil war or not… the Great Tablet War… Oh, its on!

BTW, I love this line from the live blog..

So all TechCrunch contributed is marketing? “It depends on what you define as marketing. Michael has helped us talk about what a tablet can do, but so have many others. We can take this to market without TechCrunch… TechCrunch is just a blog.”

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