Image from Engadget

Image from Engadget

No, I did not get to play with the Nexus One; and if anyone can help me out with that, I would appreciate that. 🙂  But anyway, a mate of mine has mucked with it and here is what I’ve heard..  (and I will update as I learn more)

{update – Rumor control

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Unit goes on Sale Jan5;   The price is going to be $200 unlocked in stores.  You can get a $100 discount of you have an active and old Google account.  (Not sure what that means BTW). Also, that discount is when you buy it online from the google store via Android Marketplace.  You can use T-Moble or AT&T pre-paid; but it might only be edge for AT&T ($30 month) unless that was a limit of the test unit.  }

Number 1, its FAST.  1Gig processor.  Yea baby. From what I heard, everything has a nice snap to it. Getting apps from the store, moving screen to screen, even the animated backgrounds.  All fast and snappy.  With a 1Gig I would expect that. 🙂

Lots of cool UI things, animated background, and not animation, but widget backgrounds.  For example, you can have a grass background and it changes with the seasons.  Cool. The list of apps has this star wars parallax fade, (nod to Xerox Parc), and voice entry for all text fields.

Now the voice entry did not work perfectly from my friends tests, but the potential is there.  Also, he was testing over edge, so that could have affected performance, who knows.  But the idea of allowing voice for any text field is interesting, make up for not having a keyboard?  Maybe.  Not me though, still want that keyboard!

My impressions..  No keyboard.  The rumor mill had a keyboard on this boy, no such luck. The form factor seems like a typical HTC, so basically, its a direct shot at the iPhone.  Why do I say that?  Because most of the phones running android so far have been somewhat conservative in pushing the limits of the phones specs, so I guess Google got tired of waiting and wanted to monster phone out there.. NOW!  And it looks like it. So given a super platform and preloaded with all kinda of google goodness, running on T-moble, this could finally put the challenge to iPhone… except… apps.  The iPhone still have the advantage here, but they are still married (mared) to At&T, so will the Nexus be enough to get Andriod traction? Yes.  Is it an iPhone killer?  No. Apple has had far too long of a head start to be pushed out by power and the Google App universe. HOWEVER, if google make a play with Verizon as well as t-mobile, AND if Apples does not get off this AT&T only FAIL, then its a new argument.

Here are the leaked specs so far..

  • Google Android 2.1 OS
  • 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • 320MB RAM and 512MB ROM
  • 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi (with router capabilities)
  • 3G with HSDPA and EDGE/GPRS
  • Bluetooth, USB
  • GPS with A-GPS
  • 5 Mega-pixel camera
  • MicroSD card support
  • 3.5mm headphone jack