I stumbled across a cool animation of  ‘Still Alive’ song from the end credits of Portal. So I did a quick search and posted them here. Please suggest more and I’ll update this page.  Be patient, all these Youtube objects take a long time to load.

I like this one, but the sound was poorly recorded. Shame. Still, what is a list without Azumanga Daioh?  Playing it in HD helps with the sound a bit.

Another Slide Show.

LIVE! PAX08 Concert – JoCo and Felicia Day Sing “Still Alive”

This is ok, but there is something wrong with how the music was recoreded. Autolevel FAIL from what I can tell.

This is not an animation but instead a robot (interbots). Cool though.

And here I think is the actually ending..


Song as Miku is drawn


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