sportyPal_sim1I have not tried sportyPal just yet (its not out for the iphone), but I will this week on my Android and update this post if anything surprises me.

{UPDATE}  The iphone version is out.  Try it here.

Basically, it seem to be like most of the other bicycle computers for mobile phones (devices) that I have reviewed. The features and functions are about the same, gps tracking, speed, distance, mapping.  On online companion site. Nothing really new.  But I will say this, really nice graphics.  If nothing else, you may at least enjoy the design aspect of the product.  The other notable thing is that this is the first bicycle computer app that aims to support all the major smart phone OS’s; iphone, Android, MS Mobile, Palm, etc..  There is a demo for the iphone you can try out.

… and now some screenshots

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