Credit Engadget

Credit Engadget

I like this.  As soon as I saw the first frame on the video on the new “Else Intuition” interface I understood what this new concept was about and how much sense it makes.  If you are using your device with one hand, which happens A LOT, it only makes sense to use the general range of freedom of your thumb instead of sticking with a 90 deg grid that only makes sense from a visual point of view… Well, that’s not fully true.  There IS a reason we have things laid out on grids and this is the only weakness I can see in Else.  The use of screen real estate is very poor.  You can see all the waited screen space when fitting a curved layout onto a rectangle screen. Still, I love the idea, and can see this as an adjunct to the current mobile layout.  Now I can no illusions we will see anything like this on iPhone soon, even through jailbreak, (although I’ve been surprised by the jailbreak community before).  So I will instead expect to see some version of this interface on Android soon. Course, the phone itself has pretty good specs, and since the OS is built on ALP (Access Linux Platform), we could even imagine a 3rd OS player in the mobile market.  Although, I THINK Android has some things in common with ALP, but it will not matter in the short term since this phone was built from the ground up including custom hardware.

I came across this via Engadget (no surprise there).  Check out the full article here.

Now, watch this video..

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