So what does that mean?  Well in short, the exploit that has been used in the rain series is now closed.  Basically the new crop of iphones you get off the shelf cannot be jailbroken.  This includes BlackRa1n if I understand the TechCrunch article correctly. (I still need to research this a bit more).

If this is the case, AND you have been thinking of selling your iphone, then this is a good time.  Whenever there is a possibility that future iphones cannot be jailbroken, the older phones go up in value.  Personally, I do not expect that it will take too long to find a new exploit.  I understand each exploit will be harder and harder to find, but hackers are not quitters!  🙂  I think I will hang on to my phone thank you very much.

That being said, an obvious question has to be asked.  What took Apple so long?  They knew about this exploit for the longest time and the fix is pretty simple.  All they have to do is made a mod on the base firmware at manufacturing and its blocked.  I still believe, that Apple purposely let jailbreaking live after they realized that it actually helps sell the capability of the iphone.  Its like having a free R/D division and sales division without taking any legal responsibility.  I remember back in the day when I was studying Architecture, everyone used AutoCad.  Because it was the best?  Heck no, because there was no security.  All of the Architecture students that were interested in CAD all shared that same program.  And what became the most popular CADD program out there years later??  Yup.  So now, Apple is closing the hole.  I’m guessing they are not seeing any value, or at least sufficient value, out of the jailbreak efforts and instead closing the hole so more money goes into their coffers.   And as much as I love jailbreak, and most likely would have left the iphone if it was not for jailbreak, I have a 50/50 view on this being a good business move.  Remember, Apple is a private FOR PROFIT company. Now will there be enough backlash from people like me leaving the iphone?  I highly doubt it.  The iPhone is a massive success with TONS of great apps in the app store.   They own the market mind set for now, might as well cash in before another phone takes it away.  …  Do I hear Android calling?