firefox on iphoneOm Malik from GigaOm started a rumor (and I only say rumor to be safe) that Mozilla is planning something for the iphone. Now the first thought is; “Hey!  Firefox on the iphone! ” Yeah.  As sweet as that would be, and you bet it would be sweet because the browsing experience on the iphone could use an update, I don’t think  its going to happen.  We already know how protective Apple is about any functionality that comes close to what Apple considers ‘native’ functionality. So if there is not going to be a replacement for safari, then would could it be?  Well, what if it was an overlay of safari that brought Firefox functionality?  And what if that functionality was Weave and the AwesomeBar?  Sure, I can see that.  But lets go one step further. What if we had access to Xmarks? NOW were talking!  If Mozilla came out with just those 3 features; Weave, AwesomeBar and Xmarks, I would love it!  That still does not address other issues I have with the browser, like forcing a page refresh when I switch between pages, but I will call it an upgrade non the less.

Note: Does anyone out there know why sometime when switching between webpages on safari, it sometimes refreshes that page, and sometimes not?