I made up my mind that I would get the new iphone 3gs despite the REALLY bad service I’m currently getting from AT&T.  How I made my decision will be another post, but I’m going to take a leap of faith that if AT&T can fix the poor cell service issue once, they can do it again. However, unlike most iphone users, I do not have an issue with having 8 Gigs of memory on the iphone.  I do not play movies, and only keep perhaps 3-4 gigs of music max.  Normally around 2-3 gigs. So I have plenty of space for short video clips and images. I also do a good job of moving media off my phone as soon as possible. (I use Discover mostly).

So I was pretty bummed when I read in Gizmodo that there will not be an 8G 3gs.  Sure, the current understanding from Apple was that there was not an 8G ‘at this time’, thus putting hope to rumor that perhaps later one would come out at the 99$ level.  Now thats a price point I can love.  But seems the rumor is getting more and more distant.  I’m sure an 8g 3gs will come out at some point, but it may be sometime around Christmas and I’m not going to wait that long.

So congrats Apple, you have yet again forced my hand to spend more then I wanted to.


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