do_not_wantAs I reported a few months back, I noticed an uptick on dropped calls and overall poorer performance when I upgraded from 2.x to 3.0. Basically it felt like the phone reverted to the same performance levels before the 2.1 upgrade.  So I hoped it was a simple visioning error and the 3.0.1 would take care of it.  No such luck.  Seems people with 3.0.1 are having the same issues as those with 3.0.  So now I guess we have to wait till 3.1 for a fix.  What really bothers me is that people with the 3Gs that came from the 3G have experienced the same problem in reduced performance. I guess buying the new 3Gs is not going to help.

Here is a link to an article I wrote for iphoneLife giving tips on reducing dropped calls.  Although it was written for 2.0, its still relevant today.

4 tips on reducing iphone dropped calls

One comment on “iPhone dropped calls and poor reception did not improve with 3.0.1

  • ok after all summer have this toy (BETA )iphone upgrade to 3.0.1 still drop calls so i send it for repair or replace i can write full pages regarding that beta product i need to find tonight to send mail to EU as a customer i need to find my right i pay 600 euro in 10/06/09 and still is not working properly as it must be A PHONE

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