zannelToday Zannel released a modification to its service to follow hashtags from twitter to support people posting media regarding the #iranElection hashtag. This would have been really useful 24 hours ago, but still, a great potential resource. Since this was just live today, there has not been a lot of action on the site, but I’m sure that will change as more people hear about it.  There has been a bit of tweeking to the site based on my screenshots, and at one point it seemed spammed, but in the last hour they seem to have things under control.

Here is more directly from Zannel

A multi-media microblogging service called has created a
#iranelection channel where Twitter users can share in
real-time their photos and videos with others to view and discuss.
Geo-tagged updates can be viewed on a map of Iran.

While people are posting photos of the protests to their flickr accounts
( and to twitpic
(, Zannel¹s #iranelection is the 1st group channel
that allows multiple Twitter users to see and share their photos, videos,
location, and longer tweets all in one spot. Simply go to and login
with your Twitter ID to get started.

I think this could be quite useful for Friday after Ayatollah Khomeini give his speech during Friday prayers regarding the election. Something to keep an eye on.

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