This is how you know your having an impact on the world. When you cannot perform an upgrade to your service because a group of users, say.. IRAN! is relaying on your system to communicate with each other because the government is blocking media systems.

Tonight, twitter was suppose to go down for 90min (which normally means 90-120min) for maintenance.  Fair enough. However, because of the protests and ongoing uncertainty in Iran, the people at twitter decided to reschedule. But the great part is; it was not their idea.  Instead there has been a flurry of #nomaintenace hash tag going around asking them not to go down.  Twitter heard them, and reacted.  Good job twitter and the twitterverse.

Now your going to think, what if they block twitter?  Oh they will, that is why there have been a number of tweets going around with proxies.  For example..

Functioning Iran proxies #iranelection

Its going to be a game of cat and mouse from here on out.

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