palmpre2I waited till after the weekend to check out the Palm Pre. I was not happy when I saw the first iamges and they had a portrait keyboard instead of a landscape like the G1.  Well, I still held out hope.  … Hopes were dashed.

First the plus sides.  The device feels good in my hand and the UI makes sense.  As I played with it, the OS seemed to keep up well enough.  The phone did get a bit warm, but that could have been because I was pushing it.

However, its the keyboard I want.  And it just did not feel good. If I typed slowly, I could get it to work well enough, but that is what I do on the iPhone now.  I need a keyboard where I can type faster and longer then currently.  Also, the screen is smaller then the iphone. For some people, a smaller phone may be important, but I’m not one of those people.

So now it comes down to two. Either the G1 or the new iPhone(S) ‘and remember, the ‘S’ is for speed! ‘  whatever..

{update}  I gave the G1’s keyboard another try.  FAIL!  I forgot how much I did not like the G1’s keyboard because of poor spacing, key size and the fact the keys are recessed.  Ug.

2 comments on “Palm Pre’s keyboard is too small, now its down to G1 or iPhone(S)

  • i don't know man, i think the palm pre keyboard is pretty small, but a much better alternative than the iphone touchscreen keyboard. the palm pre's keyboard buttons are pretty nice and rubbery, and i think the iPhone's keyboard is less accurate no matter how big your fingers are.

    • Well, if all things between the Iphone and Pre were equal, I would agree with you. However, the iphone is more mature and has more functional offerings. Therefore, for me to skip over to the Pre, I would want to see a better input rate with the keyboard. However, I cannot input much faster on that small keyboard then I can on the iphone. So its just not worth it. I really wish the Pre went with a landscape keyboard with raised keys. THEN it would be a WHOLE other discussion.

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