This is pretty cleaver. Its not a new app, but something that just passed my notice. Now given that I also have a macro lens and clearcam, I can get pretty good images.  The only problem is, the touch screen is not very accurate. Now if you do not need a precise measurement, its actually OK.  I like that you can get depth also.  1 tip though, make sure you have the credit card facing you as best you can.  If you take a shot and your credit card is at an angle, that will effect the actual size of the card in the image.  I found that being slightly off is not a big deal, but you should be aware. When I checked the measurements in the screenshots below, the width was pretty close, but the height was off. The actual height of the object is more near 8.5″.   Now, I only tried this once so perhaps with more practice I would be able to get the measure more accurately.

BTW, I was using the free version, so I cannot take a pic of anything beyond 1.5 feet.

Now I know what your thinking, ok, this is cool, but just how useful is it?  Eh, not very. However, perhaps others would find it useful.  For me, its just something fun. 🙂  Now the images..

rulerwidth rulerheight rulerdepth