acivethreadssbsettingsOk, this is just cool.  I updated SBSetting last night and now I get an icon for active threads.  Now since I have folders, I do not see everything, but still, kinda cool. 🙂  That is all.

{update} I was just made aware that this is part of backgrounder.  Which makes sense when you think of it. I guess backgrounder was getting updated when SBSettings was and I did not notice.

9 comments on “Another cool update to Backgrounder on the iphone. Icons showing active jobs! Coolness

    • Its automatic. As soon as you load the latest update from Cydia, and reboot springboard, it should be there.

      — On Fri, 5/29/09, IntenseDebate Notifications <> wrote:

      • Hmmm…strange. Is that SB Settings 2.99? I loaded and rebooted and…nothing. I have the new Extra's and Options and the new Mobile Substrate settings. It added the processes toggle and allowed to change the order of toggles. But I did not get this option which would be just fantastic.

        SB Settings + iHome make for the best UI upgrades the iPhone could ever see.

        • Yup, 2.99. Try turning other UI elements off. You could have a conflict writing overlay to icons.

          — On Fri, 5/29/09, IntenseDebate Notifications <> wrote:

    • Hmm.. Ok, I can buy that. I'll do some checking, but it possible backgrounder was getting update at the same time as SBSettings was updated. I'll edit the post now. Thanks!

  • Those little icons were driving me nuts. It's Backgrounder! Now that I know what they actually are, it's kind of cool… Knowing what's eating up memory. Seems to only be Apple apps. I guess they close out only non-Apple coded apps.

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