The last week has not been kind to the twitter servers.  As someone who has a twitter product ( I get to see (and hear) everything that goes wrong in twitter land.

A combination of servers issues and a few virus (kinda) attacks on the system has forced twitter to moat certain bits of itself off.  Well fair enough, but the odd result is when you look at your replied messages in your twitter client, you may not be seeing everything that twitter search will find via searching your name.  The odd thing is; it will ‘sometimes’ show up and then go away.  I know this because one of the services of twittfilter is to check your reply stream every 15 min and send you an email. When I go back to many of my twitter clients, nothing.  BUT, when I do a search, I find it!  Odd stuff eh?

So far, those missing messages have not returned, so I do not know when (if at all) the messages will come back..

In the same vain, if you send at a few replies and got no reaction, dont feel bad, they may have never seen it in the first place.

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