Like everyone else, I’m been seeing a string of articles (most based off the wired article) saying Japan hates the iphone. Now hate is a strong word, but I bought most of what I read.  Most..  The only thing that seemed odd to me was the ‘unfashionable’ bit.  Really?  I have my complaints about the iphone, and I share them, but it is a new type of smart phone that is very well designed. I have a hard time believe it was be wholly rejected.  There has to be more to it then that.

I was starting to research this for a post (this one in fact). I was going to post about how many of the complaints about no video, poor camera images, lack of tethering, SSH and UNIX tools, customization, etc, etc. are issues here also, which is why many people accept the risk, and yes, sometimes headaches to jailbreak the phone. But, still, its a nice looking phone that in general, is well designed from a UI point of view, although we are a LONG way away from Osaifu-Keitai IMHO.

Well, I read in AppleInsider that it seems a little ‘yellow journalism’ was talking place.  (Its an old term.  Look it up)

A report intending to portray the iPhone as “hated” in the Japanese market turns out to have been built upon fake quotations from industry writers and observers who were misrepresented by remarks attributed to them that they never made.

Link to Nobi’s blog who’s email was mangled.

The article goes on to explain that the iphone is actually doing alright given some of the carrier limitations. Read the article here..

Well, guess you can trust everything you read, and when you get that feeling that something just do not seem right, it just might not be.

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