Friendfilter, a service of has gone Beta!  Currently, when you get a new follower, twitter sends you a generic email saying.. you got a new follower.. Well, great, but that does not tell me anything.

Friendfilter is a service that will check for new followers and score them relative to you.  A scorecard is then emailed to you allowing you to decide if this is someone you should check into, friend immediately, or ignore completely. You can also set a min score required before you even get bothered with an email.  Score is from -1 to 5.  The -1 is targeted toward spam, but on occation I will get a new user.  All new users are still in the address book, so nothing is lost.  Those of score -1 are never emailed.  The idea is to keep email down to a minimum.

Now, this is Beta remember, so please email me if you have any issues.  Yes, this is what I do when I’m not writing about the iphone. 🙂

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