Argg.. So I read this on PCW:

Adobe has confirmed that Flash capabilities won’t be coming to the iPhone anytime soon. Company CEO Shantanu Narayen recently discussed the difficulties in bringing Adobe’s most well distributed product to the iPhone. “It’s a hard technical challenge, and that’s part of the reason Apple and Adobe are collaborating,” Narayen told Bloomberg Television at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “The ball is in our court. The onus is on us to deliver.”

Now this may seems like ‘ah, here we go, more excuses for flash not being on the iphone’.  Well, I dont think so.  Just the fact they Shantanu said they are working on it is still a big deal. Many people do not buy that the problem is technical, but as a former Flash programmer, I can tell you that the flash player is pretty demanding; and depending on how much of the flash feature set they want to support, I can see some limits.  However, I have seen Flash 7 working on many portable devices, so if Adobe limited a few of the more heavy feature of the flash API set, it can be done.

Still…. why cant we at least get the flash video player?  THIS is what I’m calling B.S. on.  There is NO technical reason flash video only could not be supported right now.

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