Arrgg.. every time I read anything about the FAIL on getting flash running on the iphone, it just bugs the heck out of me.  So guess what I read today from cnet?

‘Lynch demonstrated Flash Player 10 on devices running Nokia’s Symbian operating system, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, and Google’s Android operating system. But the quintessential example of the new family of smartphones, Apple’s iPhone, so far remains only on the wish list.’


Now Lynch is saying that Apple and Adobe are working together to on getting flash working and that Flash lite is still being worked on, but really, after all this time?  Nothing? You know that Apple has put some sort of ‘platform’ restriction on it to keep it WELL sandboxed.  And now Flash 10 by 2010, but NOT on the iphone?  Lynch also demonstrated AIR 1.5 running on a Linux-based Aigo miniature computer. I would think they could at least get AIR working on the iphone.  Even that would be a step in the right direction.  Of course, as I’ve said many time, what I REALLY want is flash video support.  I’m sure Apple is in no hurry to get that going. Come on Apple! Its on Android. Android!  I’m waiting for blackberry next.  Hmmm… blackberry.


3 comments on “Flash 10 coming to a mobile phone near you.. as long as its not an iphone

  • Argh. I check in on the status of this every couple months and still… argh. This has everything to do with Apple wanting to keep people from streaming voice and video outside the per-minute contract. It's a battle they're gonna lose in the end, one way or another. But the worst thing won't be a version of Flash that had such restricted abilities that it couldn't play video, or couldn't access the iphone's camera. What would be the point of that, they'll ask themselves. No; they'll prefer to restrict outbound data by imposing some kind of horrendous sandbox restrictions, and flash developers will have no end of hell trying to make their apps no longer break on the iphone…
    I love OS X but Apple ought to get out of the phone business or open up the source; they're acting like Microsoft.

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