I’ve written about Clippy before, however, its getting more and more interesting. Now whenever you press the .?123 button, it will read the current or top text field and offer to copy it. Plus, if you are in the email preview mode, and press and hold on a message, it will offer to copy the first (255? characters) of that email. Useful at times. You can only select parts of text if not using the dynamic browser viewer (used for web and email), but I know they are working on it. A few weeks back they released a function for capturing via the web, but had to pull it back.
Now this is not perfect; a major complaint I have right now is that emails get selected way too often when the touch sensor application hangs and thinks you are pressing and holding on a email preview. They even extended the hold time to about 3 seconds, no help. I think there is some sort of bug with the touch screen when you do lots of swipes. I’m sure they will figure it out sooner or later.
If you do not know already, you can get it from the iSpazio Repository in Cydia.