Well, according to techcrunch they are, at least that is the implication in the article. As you all know, we already have a number of video options for the iphone ONLY if its jailbroken. Stories here.. What I do not understand is; where in the article do we see anything that points to USTREAM getting in the app store?  Creating an app to broadcast video has been done as we’ve seen with Qik. Is it the story that Apple is trying punish Qik and the others because they released through jailbreak?  Perhaps a revenue share with Apple was set up?  I don’t know, but if USTREAM goes through and Qik does not, you KNOW Apple is playing games.


ok, the player is out.  I downloaded it and its seem to work well enough.  Some of the channels that were suppose to be live did not play, and the selection looks thin, but we’ll see.  The Video is ok, frame rate a bit slow, but good enough.  They released this for the inaugural, but releasing it the night before? Eh, I do not think they will capture as much traffic as hoped.

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