twittfilter_1231106002487Twittfilter is actually an old project.  I started it last Spring but only shared it with a few friends.  The first feature of Twittfilter is the ability to send you an email if a term (typically your twitter name)  is found in the public stream. Since you get an email  you do not have to be at a desktop to get replies. Pretty useful.

Lately, the number of people whom I follow and follow me have been increasing, and I’ve found I use DM’s on twitter more and more, almost as a secondary email/IM service.  Well this is all good and fine, except when I want to DM or @ someone and do not remember their twitter name.  Clearly we need an address book… and so I wrote one.  While I was at it, I added a few more features.

So far, so good right? Well in the last week there has been at least 2 new twitter tools a day coming out.  Gezz.  I could not have timed a more poor time to write a front end to this app if I tried. 🙂  Ah well.  So for those who read my blog and also use twitter, check it out and tell me what you think.  Its still Alpha, so there are ruff edges, but it works.

Here is the current blurb from the site..

  • Search your friends or followers like an address book. Cannot remember your friends twitter name? Type in a few letters of either their twitter name or real name, and get a list of matches. Then click on their icon or type a message right in the program.
  • Have 2 accounts? One private the other public? Ok, use the watchlist (will be renamed later) to get a list of recent users you have sent messages to from the public account and add them to your private account. (More search techniques coming soon). This can also remove people from your private account after no interaction. This service can also function automatically; however this is by request only.
  • Send me my @name messages. I’m not in front of the computer all day, so when my twitter name is used (in a reply or otherwise) I get an email. All of those messages are stored so that I can get them later or search those messages.
  • Get my messages. Something that I thought was odd is the inability to get a list of DM I’ve sent out. So the message bot will get recent public messages that you have sent, replies to you, DM’s sent and DM’s you have received.

So you can see, lots going on here.  The next thing to write is a recommendation engine that will look at new followers and based on a few rules give you a level of recommendation from 1 to 5 on where you should follow or not. MacWorld is this week, so I may write it during the slow time, so perhaps I will have this running next week.  Cross your fingers. 🙂

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