I say one step closer because Clippy (a jailbreak app) is still not the full deal.  What clippy will do is keep a string (string= series of alphanumerics) in memory so that you can paste that string into another applications.  There are even limits here, conflicts with intelliscreen, etc.. Still, I like where it’s going, and although this has very limited value, I ended up putting a link to a twitter project I’m creating (www.twittfilter.com) in there so I have quick access to the URL.   Now, if we can just get the ‘cut’ part in, we have a solution…. Really Apple, I cannot believe this late in the game I’m writing a post like this.. Sheesh!

from the site:

It’s very easy to use this app. Once installed, start typing text, then select it with your finger, and tap the “123″ key to show a new line at the top of your keyboard. Now tap copy and then enjoy yourself to paste your text in every other app you want!

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