newigoogleARrrrggg…  I really liked the old version of igoogle for the iphone.  So today, they changed the format to a general mobile version.  Worse, I have to reselect my tabs again. Fortunately when you select ‘Add Stuff’ at the bottom of the page, my tabs from the desktop format is there, but still,  Grrr..

This is of just this eve, so I’m really hoping they are working on the iphone version and it will come back, but till then, I guess I have to live in blackberry world… without the trackball!

6 comments on “Change of igoogle for the iphone … not happy

  • It appears that no one else has noticed this, much to my annoyance. The previous version was fantastic and nicely formatted for iPhone but this version is truly awful. 🙁

  • Yes, I tried manually typing in the address as well as setting ?source=gama. no go. I'm going to experiment with other setting, else I guess I may write my own script to take the source and display it the old way.

  • This new version sucks cause what once set igoogle apart from other personalized page is it’s simpilicity and it’s special designed webpage especially for the iPhone, this new version doesn’t allow you to view all your apps and when viewing an app it views only parts of the whole package, maybe they are doing this to increase their G1 popularity ( I don’t know if they have a personalized page for G1) but I think this is truly the case but whatever they do the iPhone will always dominate the mobile industry, moreover this new page is like with no HTML since it has no images and pics of the topics you are viewing unlike the old version. I do hope they return the old page.

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