MATTHÄUS KRZYKOWSKI & DANIEL HARTMANN wrote an article for VentureBeat on how they were able to get Android working on the EEEPC 1000h. Link here.. Now for most of us mobile geeks, this is not shocking news… as a concept.. but given how quick they were able to do it, and also given how the ARM version of Android is coming out soon, basically this is the first shot in what will be a massive game changer.


Image from VentureBeat

Ok, so imagine being able to buy a cheap Intel or even cheaper ARM netbook. Ok, now imagine connecting directly to your phone on the netbook. Perhaps you want to exchange files, use the phone 3G or soon 4G. You could even open a window and RDC to the phone’s OS directly. Bought a new game for the phone? Play it on your netbook. More importantly, imagine 8 hr battery life, at less then 2 lbs.  Got that?  Ok, now image opening a java window on your PC or MAC and doing the same thing!

Basically what we are looking at is part 3 of Googles plan to take over the world.  The digital world at least. First capture the data. (Search) Second capture the tools (gmail, google office, other web based editing tools) finally, capture the platform. With Android rolling out for mobile, they will take on MS Mobile without much trouble.  The battle with Apple will take longer. Once they have a foot-hold on mobile, move to netbooks. And with todays news, its coming far sooner then most of us have guessed.  Now there will always be a place for high power desktops and I do not see windows being pushed too far out of the way anytime soon, although Lunix, esp Umbuntu and Mint and making headway. Open office has not fared as well, but there is time. I can easily see Android and subnetbooks. Instant on? Nothing but solid state?  Less then $300?  I’m there.

Of course, its not fully ready yet. These guys did a great job hacking about to get it going.  But in 3 months I could fully see a distro out there.. and you know what?  I may be first in line.

wondering about that first line I used up there?

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