So far, I have been pretty happy with each GPS app I’ve tried for various tasks; data logging when I bike or run, remembering where my car is, even logging my position when I twitter.  So when a friend of mine called me up for a last second game of golf in the middle of December, which of course I said yes, I thought this would be good chance to try out a few apps I’ve downloaded for golfing.  Boy, FAIL city, here I come.


First app I tried was GolfTraxx.  When I first downloaded it, it looked like a good app. You type in you zipcode, a set of courses show up, and then you hit start.  Great!  I’m on the first tee, and this is what I see.

23k yards eh?  Time to break out Big Bertha!  Whatever.. So I get 270 at the top, but 22913 yards to the tee target.  Huh? Ok, well, perhaps I should just try another app.  I had bGolfMemoir loaded.  So on the 2nd hole, I gave it a try.  FAIL at step one.  It could not even find the golf course.  At this point, I was getting pretty mad, but I gave it one more try..  as I walked to the third hole, I downloaded Plum Caddy.  Since I had to read the description on this quickly, I did not pick up that you had to put the course information in yourself.  Grrr..

Forget it.  Next time I play, I’ll give GolfTraxx another try and disregard all info short of what I read on the top and see what happens.

On the plus side, my friend I went golfing with was have a great round.. UNTIL, 2 ladies who joined us offered him a small drink ( a sip really) from her ‘deadly sins’ flask.  After the sip, he tee’ed up and almost completely missed the ball on his drive!  The ball took off at 35deg to another hole’s tee. Ha haha.  So it was not all bad. 🙂