I really want to like this app.  And I did in the beginning.  I love the options for video and sound compression.  I think the idea of compressing on the fly or later is fantastic.  This is not a free app either, I paid for this.. so what is upsetting to me??

Well for the longest time, it did not work in on the iPhone 3G OS 2.0+   I did not complain, still included it when I talked about video recording although once I found out Cycorder started supporting sound, I’ve started using them full time.  Last week they finally updated to make it work..  but it was WAY buggy.  Then one of the updates did not get deployed on cydia correctly so I was stuck there.. Then finally 2 days ago, they got it working, but now it will not read my past movies!!!  WTF???  I have a few videos of the babbage difference engine I took at the computer museum that I still need to compile!  Grrr….  I really hope the simply changed dir and all I need to do is move the files.  If not,  time to write an email.

{update}  moving the files did not help.   FAIL.

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