Ok, it took awhile, but hey, its shipping! Go here to orangegadgets the check it out..

xWave also has a new release of xGPS software tagged 1.0.1-4.  Although its rough and takes a few steps, its the light at the end of the tunnel.  More here…

It’s still early as far as other applications getting on board, but at least you can get maps working with xGPS (story here).  I have been emailing the nice folks at xWave and hopefully after they have caught up with the main mapping application they are working on, we can get something going for us bikers, runners and hikers.  I sent them an example GPX file a bit ago, so if they can at least write that local to the phone with a start/stop, I said I would polish up my PHP script that takes GPS and spits out sleep, elevation change, a graph and a csv file.

As always, keep ye’all posted.

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