MotionX is not like other gps loggers I have reviewed for biking or running, but I I thought I would have a look at it anyway.  Sweeeett looking app!

MotionX is more useful for motorcycling or driving in my opinion then biking unless you are on a long or particularly complicated ride. The cool feature here is setting way points.  You do not get turn by turn, but you could set those up ahead of time.  I downloaded and played with the lite version and thus could not create my own way points, but I can see the power of the app someday.

What I really like about this app, and why I write a review, is the UI.  Mmmm.. Cool stuff.  All you other GPS apps out there, have a look at how these guys designed their interface and take notes. Ok, enough chat, on to the screen shots. 🙂

6 comments on “Review of MotionX-GPS Lite gps application. Not too useful, but looks great!

  • Bummer: the screen stays on all the time or the gps chip shuts off when you switch the screen off.
    I guess we can also thank aplle for that 🙁

    • Yea, its an Apple thing alright. However, I've found that by setting the brightness all the way down, you will still get good power life. However, the GPS should still work if it autosleeps or you ONLY press the power button at the top. If you are losing GPS in either of these cases, something is amiss.

  • IP FW 2.2 Running the app will cause the iphone to not autolock/sleep. Shutting the display off by the power button at the top of the iphone caused the app to loose signal which after a restart of the app was restored (almost full signal) (outside). Tested it once though a few days ago see prev. post. Leaving the app and putting the iphone in my pocket would render good results (map) but the battery was drained considerably.

    I was also wandering if the full version would also nag every time about the EULA and had to wait for it so long before use?

  • I read the Motion-X GPS FAQ on their site. It is not specifically mentioned but why else would they offer a 'Lock option with brightness control?'
    One thing I don't get; nobody is afraid damaging their iphone when it is mounted on a bike?

    • I agree, putting one's iphone on a bike mount is nuts. Now if it was an ipod touch, then perhaps. The safest place to keep your phone is in the seat pouch. However, make sure you have the bottom of the phone towards the rear of the seat. That is where the antenna is, and you need to make sure the antenna has the best view of the sky as possible. I normally keep mine in the back of my biking shirt.

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