I never thought this would happen, but ZodTTD submitted his port of Quake to the Apple store yesterday. Now we still do not know if Apple is going to let this in or not (highly unlikely) but we will all be watching.  I have Quake on my jailbroken iphone and its pretty good. It takes a bit of time to get used to the controls, but given that we do not have physical buttons, its not bad. Glad the buttons are oversized. Definitely a flash back for us older FPS gamers. (ZodTTD) At first accelerometer support was included, but it is very hard to play the game while maintaining the positions needed for Quake. So it has been disabled in this revision. Fully agree here.  Not everything needs to use accelerometer.

Now the odds of this getting approved are pretty low without the blessing from id Software who own the copyright.

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