About time.  I was actually surprised it took this long.. but we have a winner!  yes, Qik videos can now been seen on the iPhone. How? mov player of course.  The quality is pretty darn good.

This has been a weakness since both Qik, flixwagon and even livecliq (which I have yet to get working) from the start.  And I have not been the only one wondering why we could not have .mov on our devices.

Well wait no more kiddies!!   Now, you need jailbreak of course to MAKE a movie, but Qik is one of the ‘this is why I jailbroke my phone’ apps.

Now, this is fresh off the press, and the live view does not seem to work for me, and only 1/2 of the films do.  Odds are they are converting as I type, and I’m sure they we get the live stuff working soon enough.   That or they will put a filter in to only show the compiled films.   Thinking about it… seeing live streams using the .mov player could be tricky, so I will not hold my breath for it.

Still…. Sweeeettt.

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