I have my issues with the iPhone, and I have no problem expressing them, but all in all you have to admit, it’s pretty good.  The OS does a good job at being fast enough to keep up with you (not as much since 2.0) and things are mostly well thought out and designed.  No surprise, its Apple.  (No, I’m not an Apple fan boy).

So when I first heard about the Blackberry Storm I thought, ah.. an iPhone rip off.  No biggie, perhaps they will learn from Apple and make improvements..  Ehhh.. no.  When I first tried, I put it back down in 10 min and thought, clumsy.  It just does not have that ‘feel’ you expect from a device that is suppose to interact with you.  And the keyboard just did not do it for me.

Well, I read this in the New York Times and this guy got it SPOT ON!

“…  Unfortunately, R.I.M.’s execution is inconsistent and confusing.

Where to begin? Maybe with e-mail, the most important function of a BlackBerry. On the Storm, a light touch highlights the key but doesn’t type anything. It accomplishes nothing — a wasted software-design opportunity. Only by clicking fully do you produce a typed letter.

It’s too much work, like using a manual typewriter. (“I couldn’t send two e-mails on this thing,” said one disappointed veteran.)

It’s no help that the Storm shows you two different keyboards, depending on how you’re holding it (it has a tilt sensor like the iPhone’s). …”

Read the full article here..

Yes, iPhone, you really piss me off sometimes, but every time I go to another device, I feel a little better about you.