I just read on TechCrunch that the Google voice-recognition search application may be delayed till Monday.  Yesterday Google took the video down after a week of hyping, and pretty good hyping at that. Seems that Google and Apple were not totally aligned on the release date for this thing. That is a bit of a surprise, you would think Google would have people to make sure when they say it will be out Friday, that it will be out Friday.

Two things to think about here though…

First, there is also a rumor that Apple is working on something similar, but knowing apple, it will be part of another OS update and it will be a month late, second, Google has Andriod.  I’m not sure Apple considers Google as there best app development partner.

So after this bit of embarrassment, how much you want to bet Google will make major product releases like this for both the iPhone and Android at the same time?

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