I got an email from Flixwagon with some improvements and I have to say, I’m impressed.  Here is a brief list of changes from the email..

We’ve recently announced our integration with Nokia’s free media sharing service Share on Ovi, so now you can instantly upload your flixwagon videos to Ovi. More information here.

If you’re using Symbian or iPhone, make sure you’re running the latest and greatest client version. On Symbian/Nokia, upgrade from m.flixwagon.com/nokia or send download link to your phone  by logging in to our website and accessing Settings → Account. On iPhone, refresh your sources on Cydia or Installer.

We’ve changed the privacy settings on flixwagon.com so that now you can send an encoded direct link to private flix without requiring your viewers to log in

speaking of tutorials, check out our additional demos on how to change the user details generated via Express Registration

Cooliris is a neat browser plugin that allows you to browse and discover multimedia content in a cool 3D environment.

Now, nothing here is a real game changer, and the part I was really interested in was the improved video quality.  I did a quick video test and it did seem a bit better, but its been awhile since I’ve used it. Do keep in mind though, QIK is 320×280 while Flixwagon is 176×144 pm on the smooth setting, so screen size is sacrificed for what I guess is better quality images.

A third video broadcast app came on the scene yesterday, so I will do a full balance test sometime this weekend to compare the three.