I have not updated yet and I have gone over the reasons, basically deciding it was not worth the time to re jailbreak and reinstall stuff.  But I did hear from one person that they though the network was working faster.  Now that could have been cause of the clean install, who knows.. but if anyone out there has noticed that the network has indeed speed up, please let me know.  I’ll also keep an eye on the interwebs.  If edge and 3G IS faster, then hey, I’m upgrading!

2 comments on “Did the iPhone 2.2 update make your network faster? Let me know

  • No as a matter of fact one of the first things I noticed besides decreased battery life, hot phone was thAt it seems slower. Wifi is like 3g now. Among other things 2.2 makes my phone do weird things now. Just leave. Your phone how it is now

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