I just did a post when I first installed Fring, but it dawned on me, this could be quite useful for those traveling overseas.   A friend just crossed the pond and was looking to still use his iPhone. I looked into various solutions, but short of a 3rd party SMS service via jailbreak, I did not find anything affordable.

Then along comes Fring…

Although Fring is not a complete solution, it’s a step in the right direction.  The trick is to find wifi access; however that is getting easier and easier every day. The cost to dial to the US via skype is ~.02 a min.  However, calling INTO the UK varies.  Sometime between .02 and .2 cents. BUT, it can get as bad as $2.92 for Premium Rate – Band 5.  Check first before calling.

{UPDATE} I made a call to a friend in the UK from iphone to iphone via Fring and it seem to work ok.  The sound quality was not all that great, but good enough.  The time delay was between .5 sec and 2 sec. I would recommend people turn Auto-Lock off and then turn the screen brightness all the way down.  Our conversation degraded a bit at the phone went into sleep mode.


As an an iPhone owner, AT&T gives you its discounted “World Traveler” rate of only $1.69 per minute. Although you could pay more depending on the circumstance.  So if you have any plans of traveling overseas, I would recommend you download Fring and scout ahead for wifi spots.  Will save you a bit of cash.