justanotheriphoneblog.com did a quick post on the rumors of what 2.2 will have and mentioned Google street view. Unless Google does something to mess Apple up, it would only make sense that it would.  Here are my reasons why I’m going to bet on it..

1) Android already has it. Although I cannot see Apple trying to go feature to feature with Android, this is a good app for eye candy.

2) It would not be all that hard to put in, and actually, I’m somewhat surprised I have not see in the jailbreak world yet.  I have already seen an openGL panaramic viewer for the iPhone, so we know its very doable. 

3) The more they can move people to 2.2, the further the Pwn (jailbreak) battle goes on.  Bets for how long it takes till we get quickpwn or winpwn for 2.2?  I’m going to say 10 days. 🙂

As for me, I will give it a miss.  I finally have my phone working pretty well.  I may even try intellisync again.

2 comments on “Rumor control: Will iPhone 2.2 have Google street view .. umm yeah.

  • Yes. Intelliscreen is the proper name of the app. I had it running for a bit, but it was starting to slow up and once lock up the iphone when at the password keypad. But I just reinstalled it, so I’m going to buy a lic in a few and try again.

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