A while back I shared what looked like a great deal for a car charger for the 3G since my old iphone car charger does not work anymore…

Well, had a few problems with it, but to ‘MyNetDeals’ credit, they replaced it with the proper unit.  Seems there are still a few units out there that does not work with the 3G.

I tested each part.  3 times.. 🙂 and they work great. Now I have not tested in my car, but I used a 12v battery, so good enough. 😉   Still need to figure out why the old ones do not work..  Thats another post.

This is a pretty good deal because for the price you get a lot..

1) A car charger.

2) A 110v wall socket.  Yea, having more then one is useful.

3) A retractable connection cable.

From this link, its $15.00  You may be able to find it cheaper if you look around.

Please note the cool analog charging widget.

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