I wrote about this before, link here, and it finally came in the mail.  

Well, it works. There was one thing I though was kinda cheap, using a sticker on the remote to make you think it had a display.  Cheesy.  Second I had the impression the remote was going recharged.  Nope. Just a stand.

I went back to ebay to post a link but cannot find it, however, there are plenty of other simular offers. Go to Ebay and search these terms; “Dock Remote iPhone iPod

Still, for the price I paid, ~$12.00 all said and done (although it may go up given the exchange rate) its not a bad deal.  HOWEVER>>>  You need to provide your own AC to iPhone compatable adaptor. For most people, you can use the one you got with your iphone, but in my case, I keep my phone, plugged in next to me at my desk, so I need to have a second adaptor.  Solution, buy this (link) car charger kit.  Comes with an AC adaptor.  Problem solved. 🙂

One thing that was a real dissapointment is when I change the volume on the iphone, the output sound does not change.  Weak.  Could be an iPhone thing though.

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